02 Sep 2006

Where’s my Egg?

I just noticed that Crazy Egg stop collecting my blog stats a while ago. It’s my fault because I switched my theme and forgot to embed the Crazy Egg codes back.

As a result, I’ve made a WordPress plugin so that the codes will be automatically added to my theme. With a condition that the <?php wp_footer() ?> must be present in footer.php. Go to Plugins→ Crazy Egg Configuration to configure.


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  1. Thanks for the plug-in.

    Maybe it’s a dull question, but which page will actually be tracked with this plugin? The blog home page, the post detail page, …?

    Since crazyegg creates a heat map of a specific page, this may be important.



  2. Francis

    Works perfectly now :) Thank you very much for the quick fix!


  3. Zeo

    Francis, please download the new one. I’ve made a minor fix to the code.


  4. Francis

    Zeo, thank you for providing such a useful plug-in! One problem though: the code I got was in the following format: “/pages/scripts/1234/5678.js”. The plug-in ignores the slash and everything after it when entering a Crazy Egg ID like 1234/5678. I suppose CE changed their URLs for new accounts… Any chance you can add support for these?

    Thanks again,



  5. Dantana

    Installed the plugin several weeks ago and it worked great. Now that the initial crazy egg test is over, I decided to start a new one. Except now the code isn’t being displayed in my index page. As a result, Crazy Egg thinks I’m not getting any visits.

    Any ideas?


  6. awesome plugin, struggled a little before finding this.

    thanks a million


  7. Zeo

    mary_bc, Now there’s a zip. Sorry about that :D


  8. Hi, I can’t find the Crazy Egg plugin download..anyone know where I can download it. Thans much


  9. Ratio

    Awesome, thanks for the reply Zeo, that worked.



  10. Zeo

    Ratio, the plugin doesn’t track logged in user.

    If you want to, remove && !is_user_logged_in()


  11. Ratio

    Huh, I guess you can’t post PHP in a comment field :-) soory about the extra posts …

    My footer code (betwen the php tags):


  12. Ratio

    Oh, and my theme has the following set in my footer.php:

    I’m not a programmer, just a designer, but is this the same as which is mentioned above?

    Thanks again


  13. Ratio

    Has anyone had trouble getting this plug-in to work on a WP blog that have all the blog files in a different directory that the WP blog index page?

    inde.php (my blog homepage)

    When I enter in my Crazy Egg code, the JavaScript code is never actually added to my blog pages.

    I have even tried :
    – Setting up a different Crazy Egg account to get a totally different CE # (in the JavaScript code)
    – Deactivating the old CE plug-in from within my WP admin
    – Removing the plug-in file from my server
    – Downloading the CE plug-in from this web site, again
    – Dumping my cache and cookies
    – Uploading the CE plug-in back into the /blog/wp-content/plugins/ folder
    – Refreshing my WP plug-ins admin page
    – And setting my new CE code
    … but still no luck.

    Notice that I never entered my new CE e-mail address, just the CE code #. The plug-in never asked for my new the CE Account IE (e-mail address in this case).

    Any ideas?



  14. Greta – Ill try it. just what I needed


  15. [...] I’ve also discovered that there’s a wordpress plugin available for CrazyEgg so I’ll be installing that right here on the fishandclicks blog and will report back with findings on a later date. [...]


  16. Thx for that plugin!


  17. Eggsactly what I was looking for – many thanks!


  18. [...] Wer sein WordPress-Blog beobachten und Positon von Links, Ads oder Bannern optimieren möchte, hat es noch einfacher, denn es gibt ein kleines Plugin dafür, das nur heruntergeladen, in den Plugin-Ordner hochgeladen und aktiviert werden muss. Anschliessend wird die von Crazy Egg für das Tracken erzeugte Zahl im Blog unter Optionen –> Crazy Egg eingetragen und gespeichert. [...]


  19. WoW, thanks for the plugin! :-)


  20. Thanks for being on it, and creating the plugin for us. :-)


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