09 Aug 2006

Sandbox K2 skin Released

UPDATE: Check out Sandbox K2 theme.

Based on the popular K2 theme, Sandbox K2 is a skin for WordPress Sandbox theme. As a result of 1 hour and a half attempt without any proper documentation, Sandbox K2 is now available for download and ready to rock your WordPress.

Please pardon the mess in the style sheet.

Download and Installation

Follow these simple steps and you’re ready to use the skin.

  1. Follow the download instruction and installation for the Sandbox theme on plaintxt.org.
  2. Download sandbox-k2.css and sandbox-k2.png (optional).
  3. Upload Sandbox K2 files into your /wp-content/themes/sandbox/skins/ folder.
  4. Choose and activate Sandbox K2 from Presentation→ Sandbox Skins menu.
  5. Have fun.

I have setup a Sandbox K2 project page on Google code for this skin, since Google was kind enough to provide it for free. I hope to learn about Sandbox theme skinning from your complaint. Well, let’s all learn from our mistake.

Finally, if you like the skin and would like to know more about its origin then I would suggest to visit the real K2. Your eyes will widen and your jaws will drop!


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